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M. System has helped us set up PPC in Google. We have been cooperating for about two years, regularly pay bills and help managers as much as we can. We are pleased with the results, but it is difficult for us to analyze where new clients come from. What we notice is the growing amount of calls. We look for more improvements in the future.

Online shop “pikul“

We have been working with M. System for over three years. During that time, we noticed the result of their efforts. I like the way M. System works: their manager always suggests what can be effective for us and how to move on. And these are not just empty words: the manager provides detailed reports with the analysis of conversion rates and users behavior. Currently, we focus on seasonal items, as they are always sold better. We are gradually increasing the budget, and our sales are growing respectively. Maybe not so soon as we would like, but we understand these are the realities of online promotion.


We are manufacturers, receiving regular orders is crucial for our company. Otherwise, we stand idle and suffer losses. That is why we contacted M. System six years ago and asked the guys to set up PPC in Google. We were pleased with the results. The M. System manager offered us to develop our website further. We chose a strategy of SEO promotion, changed titles, descriptions., etc. Today, our website looks more professional and attracts more clients.

Online Shop “Balu”

Five years ago, we decided to contact M. System agency to help us increase sales and expand our customer base. First of all, we ordered PPC, and then the manager advised us to try SEO promotion to improve results. We regularly receive reports that show the month-over-month growth of our indicators. We get more calls and more customers. We feel free to recommend you M. System services: they work pretty well.

Сo. Ltd. “RTI GROUP”

We started to think about PPC for our website a long time ago. We contacted M. System agency. A personal manager was assigned to assist us and run our campaign.
As a result, we’ve received high-quality PPC. The manager calls us a couple of times a month and shares the results achieved. Additionally, we get a detailed report and can evaluate the numbers on our own. We notice the growth, and it makes us happy.

Online Shop “AS Furniture”

After reading your testimonials, I’ve decided to add my own. We are a comparatively young business. However, within several months, the results of M. System teamwork have surpassed our expectations. Since we have our small manufacture, we try to keep it busy. Initially, we launched advertising in two directions: folding tables and changing tables. The folding tables’ advertising was not successful, but changing tables’ ads impressed with the results. Now we’re thinking about launching computer tables’ advertising. I will keep you updated with the outcomes.

Light Market

We’ve contacted M. System agency this year to improve our website and increase sales. The company manager advised us to try a mix of PPC and SEO efforts. We had to increase our initial budget. Let’s face it, it was risky, and we had lots of doubts. But, the result was worth it. Now, we are delighted with the state of things on our website. SEO has been performed, and the website structure has been changed. For now, the preparatory work has been over, and we expect even better results in the nearest future.

Private Company “OSK ECOLINE”

We’re happy to work together with the M. System agency. We’ve been cooperating for several years, usually communicating with the manager as we always understand each other. The first advertising we launched together was about septic tanks. Today we focus on the advertising of the sewage treatment and complex works. The guys from M. System advised us to create landing pages, and the result was excellent. We liked the text. We choose the right place for the content on the website, and everything worked out perfectly. We’re currently satisfied with the orders and sales performance on our website.


We first contacted M. System agency almost three years ago. It was a new experience for us. We were afraid to spend money on unpredictable results. However, with each passing month, we noticed huge improvements on our website. We started with a minimum budget of around 2.000 UAH. There were months when sales took off, and it was worth investing even 18.000 UAH in advertising. Today, we’ve settled an average budget of 10,000 UAH. Initially, we worked with our promo website. We decided to get down to our external website (we had a landing page). We launched an advertising company and decided to try SEO. Today, we look for a Google Ads campaign to be optimized and our SEO efforts' first results.


We ordered contextual advertising in Google. The first time we cooperated about five years ago. We decided to advertise new items in the section of children's clothing. In general, we're satisfied with the results, especially in the beginning. However, for some reason, today's contextual advertising is not as effective as it was 1-2 years ago. This may happen because of the changes in our company or there can be other reasons. For now, we don't want to increase our budget, although the Msystem manager recommends it.

Thanks to the achievement of common goals, we receive new orders, which helps us to grow professionally and move forward
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