Google Shopping became a more and more profitable marketing channel for many eCommerce businesses. Formerly known as “Product Listing Ads” it provides a great platform to maximize product visibility, win the competitors and generate sales. Whether you’re a small individual business just launched or an outstanding brand, we can successfully set up and manage an effective Google Shopping campaign that generates profitable returns. M. System is a Premier Google Partner and we are aware of key drivers of the website performance. Our proven strategies, along with our partnership approach to working and unique relations with Google ensure you get the best returns on your Google Shopping advertising.

Services include
www_search_bl Website audit

We will provide an in-depth data-driven examination of your website for compliance with the Google Merchant Center requirements. Here, we also check the data feed for correspondence with Google Merchant Center. Based on the output, our Google certified guys will draw up a plan to action and create your shopping ads strategy.

control_or Set up of Google Merchant account

At this stage, we are logging in and setting up your Google Merchant account. We offer everything from creating the merchant center to assisting with disapprovals or warnings. Managing this crucial aspect of campaign setup and performance on your behalf, allows your ads to display correctly and simplifies your whole Google Shopping seller experience.

ic3_bl Set up of Google Ads account

Here, we are creating a Google Ads account and setting it up, building an account structure for up to 10 groups. You will work with a dedicated team of Google shopping ecommerce experts, who will communicate regularly to review performance and share bid strategies and ideas for improving your campaigns.

mny_cart_or Launch and optimization of the account

At this stage, we are launching Google Shopping and Smart-shopping optimizing an advertising campaign. We continually monitor and fine-tune your Google Shopping campaigns, applying advanced optimization techniques to ensure higher visibility and an effective allocation of your overall budget.

head_bl Ongoing reporting and account support

Everything we do is backed by detailed reporting so that you always understand what results are being achieved and what improvements we’ve made.

Why choose a service?
  • M. System is a Premier Google Partner with an in-house marketers team certified by Google. We are aware of all the technical and analytical algorithms of Google to effectively assess and set up your Google Shopping ads account.
  • As some of the most clicked advertisements, Google has to offer, Google Shopping Ads are an efficient and affordable way to boost traffic to your website or ecommerce and increase your sales.
  • Contrary to search ads, shopping ads google displays an image of a product together with details like product title, price, store name, and its reviews. Generally, they give shoppers key information about the product before they even visit an online store.
  • Launching Google Shopping campaigns with M. System, you don’t need to bid on keywords and texts. Instead, Google crawls your feed and your product data (product titles and descriptions) and then decides what keywords your products are relevant for.
  • Product Shopping ads are charged using cost-per-click (CPC). This means that you are only charged when someone clicks an ad.
  • For Showcase Shopping ads, maximum CPE (cost-per-engagement) bidding is used. This means you set the highest amount that you are willing to pay for an engagement. You are charged when someone clicks a product in your Showcase ad.
We cater to
checked_or Retailers with high CTR

You do not pay in vain for the click. The client immediately sees the price of the product and will not click on the ad if he is not satisfied with it. Many people who are searching for specific products on Google have already decided to buy the product. If Google determines that your products are relevant to a search query, they may be seen by shoppers who are looking for exactly what you offer.

ad_internet_bl Companies that sell electronics and appliances

For example, TVs, electronics and home appliances, gadgets of outstanding brands. The customer immediately sees the cost of the product. Smartphones are becoming the most popular devices for online shopping. We set up your ads so that it is visible and prominent on mobile with Google Shopping ads.

100_plus_bl Ecommerce with a wide product mix

Shopping Ads visually appealing ads stand out on search pages and across the Google Display Network, putting your products where shoppers can see them. They also act as a filter, because they provide key information that customers need. The result is that only shoppers who are genuinely interested in your products will click.

Google shopping ads are the product ads that appear on the top of the Google SERPs and Google Shopping when a user puts up any query related to the product on Google. Similar to Product Listing Ads, it includes specific details related to the product image, price, brand name, additional promotion details like product reviews and shipping information.
We provide professional Google advertising services to set up, optimize and run your Shopping Ads to achieve the goals of your business. We use premium tools to research keywords and target them creatively on your Google shopping ad copy. We set up a merchant center and assist with disapprovals or warnings.
For sure, your business can benefit from all streams of Google paid advertising and our Google Shopping services since our experts are skilled in creating a PPC campaign that incorporates both Google Adwords and Google Shopping ads to bring the best results for your business.
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