Case Study: How to Avoid Affiliate Filter While Optimizing Website Content

Case Study: How to Avoid Affiliate Filter While Optimizing Website Content


Professional analysis and comprehensive research of an e-commerce website, involving the identification of technical errors, potential, and weaknesses. After the analysis, a set of SEO and promotion measures is implemented for maximum effectiveness in the US market.


Identify the reasons why the website is losing positions despite ongoing promotion, and develop a strategy to restore positive dynamics in key performance indicators.

Website Before the Project

The project started with a thorough analysis of the website and gathering information from the client. During the assessment, we discovered signs of affiliation with the client: four other websites in the same niche, with similar names, domains, and almost identical product lines. Contact information, service page templates also matched.

To briefly explain, affiliates are a group of websites sharing several common characteristics (identical contacts, similar legal data, design, structure, etc.) and are created by one owner to occupy more positions in search results for specific queries. If your website shares many similarities with others, search engines may consider it an affiliate, which can affect its ranking.

Project Work

As part of the website's promotion, a strategy was chosen that included working on the main content categories and acquiring high-quality backlinks. These are crucial SEO aspects that improve the site's visibility in search engines.

In early 2023, Google released an algorithm update, leading to a significant drop in rankings for most of the client's sites. However, the site we were promoting did not suffer much damage. This was because, by the time of the update, we had already worked on about 20 categories, written 6 high-quality blog articles, and acquired 25 high-quality backlinks.

ec_2 Case Study: How to Avoid Affiliate Filter While Optimizing Website Content

The graph shows that while the number of keywords on the client's other sites plummeted, our site did not experience such a sharp decline but only a slight decrease. This indicates that the strategy we chose proved more resistant to Google's algorithm changes.

Website After Our Intervention

Since May 2023, there has been a positive trend in the website's development, transitioning from a stagnant stage to active growth. This is confirmed by the presented graph:

ec_3 Case Study: How to Avoid Affiliate Filter While Optimizing Website Content

Currently, the website continues to improve its positions steadily, which is a strong indicator of the effectiveness of the applied SEO strategy.

ec_4 Case Study: How to Avoid Affiliate Filter While Optimizing Website Content

It's important to note that at present, the site successfully competes with global giants such as Ebay and Amazon, ranking in the top 10 for several key search queries.


The moral of the story is that high-quality SEO and content strategy are the keys to steady growth and resilience for a website, even amidst regular search engine algorithm updates. This demonstrates the importance of attention to detail, ongoing analysis, and adaptation of strategies in line with SEO trends.

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