Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max

About Client

The client is dealing in sales of ‘Kuznetsov applicators’, massage mats, decorative cushions, and sports and leisure products.

The Client is a quality guarantee provider to all of its goods being manufacturer facility. Custom-made goods are also manufacturer options.

All the products are delivered in individually branded packaging.

Outcomes of Ads campaign

ka1 Google Performance Max
ka2 Google Performance Max
ka3 Google Performance Max

Input data:

  • Monthly ads budget - 50 thousand UAH
  • Geotargeting - Ukraine (excl. Cremia, Lugansk and Donetsk regions)
  • Tracking PPC performance by transactions and calls from Google Analytics
  • Objective - is to run and test Google Performance Max and compare the results with Smart Shopping. Increase the number of transactions/leads, reduce cost per transaction/application.
  • Tasks - are to use new traffic sources, to perform detailed setup and adjustments, considering the data already available from the advertising campaign.

Project activities

  • We have created a max performance campaign based on data got from the smart shopping campaign. That allowed us to make the standard training campaign became much faster.
  • We have worked out all the texts of ads and banners of the most demanded and high-margin goods.
  • We have made a breakdown of goods by vendor's tag in Merchant.
    ka4 Google Performance Max
  • We compared the performance of two traffic sources, such as a smart shopping campaign and Performance Max campaign (with our tweaks made).

Google Performance Max

ka5 Google Performance Max

Smart Shopping Campaign

ka6 Google Performance Max

GPM outcomes

  • Transactions - 126
  • Leads apart transactions - 61 (it is common when customers want to be consulted before they purchase a product)
  • Average transaction price - 138 UAH
  • Income by ecommerce data - 48 251,13 UAH
  • Ads cost spent - 26 269,18 UAH
  • Gross profit - 33 775,79 UAH
  • ROAS - 1.8 UAH

Smart Shopping Campaign Outcomes

  • Transactions - 216
  • Leads apart transactions - 73 (it is common when customers want to be consulted before they purchase a product)
  • Average transaction price - 129 UAH
  • Income by e-commerce data - 101 038,94 UAH
  • Ads cost spent - 37 273,96 UAH
  • Gross profit - 70 727,25 UAH
  • ROAS - 270%


Getting GPM performance outcomes we see this source of traffic is less profitable to the Client compared to priorly used one.

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