Online store promotion on Facebook

Online store promotion on Facebook

Why promote Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most effective social networks for business development. Every 3-4 people in the CIS have a registered account in this social network.

Audience size in Ukraine: 13 million people.
Audience size in Russia: 53.5 million people.
World audience size: 2.32 billion people.
Paying Audience: Age of primary users - 25 to 35 years. This audience is more likely to make online purchases..

Also, on Facebook, there is an opportunity to create an online store where you can get acquainted with the assortment you sell. The store will have cards for your item with a photo, description, price, comments, and feedback from other buyers. Then, when placing an order, the buyer will be directed to your site, where they can make the purchase.

Internet shops which topics are better to promote.

It's best to promote consumer goods online stores—for example, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, perfumes, appliances, etc.

These topics have more potential because they are targeted at the end consumer. That is, they fall into the B2C category. Everyone needs these products. Also, products from the listed product groups buy more than once a year for themselves or their family members. Such goods are often bought as a gift.

How buyers interact.

Posts in the feed. The purpose of the news feed is to showcase the most exciting and vital information. Status updates, a new photo, or a bright post are always displayed in the user's news feed. In addition, the news feed contains content that the user is likely to interact with, such as liking or making a purchase.

fb1 Online store promotion on Facebook

Canvas advertisement. The ability to use Ads Manager from Facebook is reminiscent of a superhero skill: With this tool, you can reach 25% of your country's population who will see your ads or read your posts.

fb2 Online store promotion on Facebook

Products from the group's online store on Facebook. It can be shown to buyers as feeds in the feed and through paid advertising.

fb3 Online store promotion on Facebook

Attracting shoppers to an online store on Facebook

Step one. Creation and design of the online store.

1. Create a business page. Specify the scope of the activity..

fb4 Online store promotion on Facebook

2. Create and place a company logo. Size 180 x 180 px, PNG format, cropping.

fb5 Online store promotion on Facebook

3. Drawing and placement of a cover that describes the theme of the store. Size 820x462px - mobile, desktop - 820x312px. PNG format.

fb6 Online store promotion on Facebook

4. Writing and posting history. Business unit with a non-dummy photo, about 1000 characters.

fb7 Online store promotion on Facebook

5. Upload products from the site to the online store Facebook. Using an xml file.

fb8 Online store promotion on Facebook

Step Two. Attracting buyers and developing an online store.

1. Creating a content plan that contains product publications, useful for content buyers, designing contests.

2. Publish photos of the best-selling text-based products 4 to 15 times a month. The more often, the better. This allows you to show your product to more customers and increase your online store traffic.

fb9 Online store promotion on Facebook

3. Publish content that is interesting to buyers on the page. Photo with text accompaniment. Increases customer loyalty and engagement. 4 to 15 times a month. The more often, the better.

fb10 Online store promotion on Facebook

4. Conducting competitions for subscribers. It not only increases the loyalty and engagement of online store subscribers but also increases their number. At least once a month, preferably once a week.

fb11 Online store promotion on Facebook

5. Advertising of publications and competitions. It also increases customer loyalty and engagement. We launch as publications are published throughout the month.

Step Three. Sell goods through the online store on Facebookk

The primary source of attracting new visitors to the online store is targeted advertising on Facebook. Also, with targeted advertising, you can return loyal customers to an online store on Facebook or your leading site.

Business Page Content is a way to retain and convert visitors to subscribers and increase the likelihood of converting to a buyer.

Targeted advertising allows you to reach buyers based on the following targeting:

  • Country and region.
  • Day of the week and time.
  • Buyers' interests.
  • Age and gender of buyers.
  • New or previously purchased items from the site.

How to get an order:

  • Messages are chatting online store in Facebook.
  • Product comments on Facebook.
  • Call from a site or store on Facebook.
  • Order on the company website.

How to calculate the financial efficiency of an online store in a social network.

Order on your site will help you track the Google Analytics installed on your site. Here's what Facebook orders look like:

fb12 Online store promotion on Facebook

Where Facebook / CPC are conversions for targeted advertising and facebook/referral are conversions from your online store on the social network.

The activity within the business page itself can be seen in the page management statistics service:

fb13 Online store promotion on Facebook


Creating an online store on the Facebook social network is like opening another outlet to sell your products or services.

Most shop development work can be done alone or with existing staff.

Store performance is tracked as transparently as corporate site performance.

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