Transforming an Invisible Website into a Dynamic Revenue-Generating Online Store: M. System’s SEO Case Study

Transforming an Invisible Website into a Dynamic Revenue-Generating Online Store: M. System’s SEO Case Study


SEO and Promotion for a company's online store, specializing in the production and sale of custom-made cardboard and paper packaging. In 2020, the company established a website on the marketplace platform, aiming to attract new clients and facilitate seamless online product transactions. The website showcases a diverse range of products, pricing, and offers convenient order placement and payment options.

Promotion Goals

Our primary objective within this SEO promotion project was to enhance website traffic and attract a larger pool of potential clients.

Initial Website State

In 2020, the website was in its infancy, with virtually no visibility on search engines and minimal incoming traffic. Initial Data (July 9, 2020):

Number of links by Ahrefs0
Number of donors by Ahrefs0
Domain rating by Ahrefs0
Number of links by Serpstat0
Number of donors by Serpstat0
Visibility by Serpstat0
Number of phrases Serpstat0
Number of pages in the index0

Project Work

The project commenced with a meticulous analysis of the website and gathering information from the client. We delved into its structure and content, and established the initial visibility and rankings of the site.

Subsequently, we initiated technical optimization:

  • Ensured the indexing of all website pages;
  • Analyzed the indexing dynamics and rectified technical errors that hindered indexing and site accessibility;
  • We also updated the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files to ensure their relevance.

A pivotal phase of the project involved content analysis and optimization. We evaluated the content's richness and quality on the site, identified keywords aligning with the client's objectives.

We created unique and optimized content for landing pages. Texts were scrutinized for spelling errors, uniqueness, and compliance with search engine requirements.

The subsequent crucial set of tasks was link analysis and optimization. We assessed the site's authority and link profile factors, identified affiliates, and evaluated the quality of inbound links. Subsequently, we devised a strategy to enhance the site's link profile, focusing on trusted and relevant links.

Throughout the process, analytics and reporting were pivotal. We studied behavioral factors and user-friendliness on the site, tracked visitor pathways, and scrutinized conversion rates. We also analyzed of promotion effectiveness and traffic metrics.

Based on the accumulated data, we generated reports detailing the completed work and provided recommendations for future actions.

In this manner, the project encompassed comprehensive research, technical optimization, content refinement, link analysis, and analytics to achieve maximal success in site promotion.

Post-Optimization Website

Current Data (as of June 17, 2023):

Number of links by Ahrefs461
Number of donors by Ahrefs96
Domain rating by Ahrefs10
Number of links by Serpstat237
Number of donors by Serpstat100
Visibility by Serpstat0,77
Number of phrases Serpstat34481
Number of pages in the index1250

Reminder: The optimization and promotion efforts commenced from scratch in August 2020. By spring 2021, confident growth in visibility and website traffic had already begun.

Organic traffic for the entire promotion period, according to

pack_1 Transforming an Invisible Website into a Dynamic Revenue-Generating Online Store: M. System's SEO Case Study

Over the specified time frame (from July 9, 2020, to June 17, 2023), the following transformations took place:

  1. We expanded the pool of referring domains (platforms providing backlinks to the site) and the actual number of backlinks. According to Ahrefs, mentions increased from 0 to 461, and as per Serpstat's data, up to 237. This enhancement significantly bolstered the internet store's authority according to search engines – an essential element of ranking.
    Backlink analysis for the past year according to Serpstat:
    pack_2 Transforming an Invisible Website into a Dynamic Revenue-Generating Online Store: M. System's SEO Case Study
  2. The domain rating also ascended. Ahrefs data reflects the rise from 0 to 10. This elevation signals increased site authority, contributing to better page rankings in search engines.
  3. According to Serpstat, site visibility surged from 0 to 0.77. This denotes heightened prominence in searches, with pages displaying more frequently in search results.
  4. We achieved a notable increase in the number of keywords for which the client's site appeared in response to search queries. According to Serpstat, the count of such phrases surged from 0 to 34,481. This indicates a notable rise in organic traffic from search engines.
    Number of keywords throughout the domain's existence:
    pack_4 Transforming an Invisible Website into a Dynamic Revenue-Generating Online Store: M. System's SEO Case Study
    430 of these secured top positions, and over 3,000 reached top-2 and top-3 placements.
  5. The count of site pages indexed by search engines increased from 0 to 1,250. This signifies that the system considers a more extensive range of site pages in determining their ranking.


Overall, the website's promotional results for the company over the specified period depict a positive trajectory. The increase in backlinks, domain rating elevation, heightened visibility and keyword count, along with indexing a higher number of pages – all underscore the site's growing authority and successful advancement in search engines.

The executed SEO efforts led to the following significant outcomes:
Results of the past year's promotion:
pack_6 Transforming an Invisible Website into a Dynamic Revenue-Generating Online Store: M. System's SEO Case Study

  1. User count surged to 59.6K, marking a 30.8% increase compared to the previous year.
  2. Total sessions rose by 19.5%, indicative of increased time spent on the site, higher page views, and greater user engagement.
  3. The site welcomed 44.1K new users, an 83.0% increase compared to the previous year.
  4. The share of new sessions stands at 40.3%, a 53.2% growth, implying that most visitors are potential new clients.
  5. Average session duration grew by 2.2% to 04:27 minutes, and total page views increased by 21.0%, suggesting user interest in site content and prolonged engagement.
  6. Revenue for the past year surged by 37.8%, showcasing the positive impact of our optimization and promotional endeavors on the site's commercial performance.

All these outcomes indicate successful optimization, increased user attraction, improved user experience, and the achievement of business objectives.

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