Case study Dynamic Remarketing

Case study Dynamic Remarketing

About Customer

Online store selling different type and size of climate, TV/AV and automotive equipment. They also deal with remote controls, radio components and accessories. A wide range of quality equipment and related components. Warranty provided.

Google Analytics campaign outcomes

tvav1 Case study Dynamic Remarketing
tvav2 Case study Dynamic Remarketing
tvav3 Case study Dynamic Remarketing

Input data:

  • Ads budget - 5K UAH
  • Geotargeting - Ukraine (excl. Crimea, Lugansk, and Donetsk regions)
  • Tracking of PPC performance by transactions and calls from Google Analytics
  • Goal - To launch dynamic remarketing for PD of the website. Get sufficient data to enable analysis of this source.


  1. Create the remarketing Tag in Google Ads
  2. Tag number to be integrated in the client’s site
  3. Create the campaign similar to standard GDN, But in the settings we put a check-mark in the "Use feed data for personalized advertising"

Project activities

  • Remarketing Tag in Google Ads created
    tvav4 Case study Dynamic Remarketing
  • Under "remarketing" choose (Collect data on specific actions people performed on your site in order to show personalized ads).
    In "Business type" - (Retail)
    tvav5 Case study Dynamic Remarketing
  • Select how to install the Google Ads tag - (Install the tag yourself)
    tvav6 Case study Dynamic Remarketing
  • Under global site tag install event snippet manually.
    If the global tag and event snippet are already integrated in the client's site engine, then we just need to paste the code, in the appropriate field.
    tvav7 Case study Dynamic Remarketing
  • To add the feed of advertising products to Google Merchant Center and wait for its displaying.
  • To connect Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

Create a campaign as you would for a standard Google Display Network, but check the "Use feed data for personalized ads" box in the settings, and select a feed from the Merchant Center. Select on Audience "Retail: visitors to product information pages (AdWords)".

During the ad campaign, make adjustments to the strategy/bids.
We also make adjustments by segments.

Campaign Outcomes by Google AdWords:

tvav8 Case study Dynamic Remarketing

According to the campaign outcomes with budget fixed for this source of traffic, we have got the following data:

  • Transactions - 47
  • Conversions (excl. transactions) - 61
  • Average Cost per Click - 1,10 UAH
  • Revenue by ecommerce data - 12 137,00 UAH
  • Ads cost spent - 4 302,97 UAH
  • ROAS - 280%

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