Smart shopping campaign

Smart shopping campaign

About Client

The online store is a seller of a great variety of interior and stylish chandeliers, wall and floor lamps of different designs and purposes. You can find here a chandelier or a lamp that will be a pretty decoration for any interior!

They offer their customers a wide range of lamps. You can buy incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, halogen, reflectors, and LED lamps.

Input data:

  • Ads budget - 3K UAH
  • Geotargeting - Ukraine (excl. Cremia, Lugansk and Donetsk regions)
  • Tracking of contextual ads performance by transactions and calls from Google Analytics
  • Objective - To compare outcomes of standard shopping campaign with smart shopping campaign.
  • Tasks - To upload individual Product Groups from the site, to set up rules of subdivision in Google Merchant Center. To set up a standard shopping campaign. To launch a smart shopping campaign after getting transactions and conversions.

Project activities

  • We created feeds in Google Merchant Center, individually per each of the product groups advertised on the site. This is needed to get more segmented data in the future and, if necessary, allocate into different campaigns and make adjustments.
    ssc1 Smart shopping campaign
  • Launching the Standard Shopping Campaign. Adjustments for rates and budgets.
  • Setting up the Smart Shopping Campaign. Creation of text-graphic ads.
  • We inputted the client's competitive advantages in the descriptions in order to attract more interest from the prospects.
  • Creation of selling banners.
  • We made an immediate set up of the target return on investment from the data obtained from the Standard Shopping Campaign in the advertising strategy. It gave us faster training for the advertising campaign.

Outcomes of Google Ads campaign:

Smart Shopping Campaign

ssc2 Smart shopping campaign

Standard Shopping Campaign

ssc3 Smart shopping campaign

Outcomes of Google Analytics:

Smart Shopping Campaign

ssc4 Smart shopping campaign
ssc5 Smart shopping campaign
ssc6 Smart shopping campaign

Standard shopping campaign

ssc7 Smart shopping campaign
ssc8 Smart shopping campaign
ssc9 Smart shopping campaign

Standard shopping campaign

  • Transactions - 10
  • Conversions (excl. transactions) - 116
  • Average price per click- 1,84 UAH
  • Income by ecommerce data- 11 430,99 UAH
  • Ads cost spent - 1 217,23 UAH
  • ROAS - 940%

Smart Shopping Campaign

  • Transactions - 15
  • Conversions (excl. transactions)- 180
  • Average price per click - 0,83 UAH
  • Income by ecommerce data- 21 727,48 UAH
  • Ads cost spent - 962,43 UAH
  • ROAS - 2250%

Based on the data obtained it is clear that a smart shopping campaign is more profitable compared to a standard shopping campaign.

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