Search Engine Remarketing

Search Engine Remarketing

About Customer

Wholesale online store for children's clothing from Hungary. Clothing and underwear for children of different age categories starting from infants to school kids and teenagers.

The Client has direct contracts with Hungarian and European manufacturers and therefore can offer its customers lower prices combined with good quality. This makes the product one of the most competitive in the market in its niche.

The online store is dedicated to wholesale attracting all buyers with bonuses and discount options.

Campaign outcomes

un1 Search Engine Remarketing
un2 Search Engine Remarketing
un3 Search Engine Remarketing

Since almost all the orders are wholesale, most of the customers are making calls to negotiate before placing an order.

Input data:

  • Ads budget - 14 thousand UAH
  • Geotargeting - Ukraine (excl. Crimea, Lugansk, and Donetsk regions)
  • Tracking of PPC performance by transactions and calls from Google Analytics
  • Goal - To launch search engine remarketing for a major website section. To attract those who previously visited the site apart from the new customers.
  • Tasks - Pre-created audiences in Google Analytics to gather the desired quantities of users to launch Search Remarketing.

It differs from the conventional Google Display Network remarketing where you don't need 100 users to launch it, but 1,000.

Project activities

  • Creating desired audiences for the proper performance of the Search Remarketing and further adjustments to the cost of conversion.
    un4 Search Engine Remarketing
  • We are adding audiences created by us and the standard audiences offered by the system and then we are specifying the system to be trained instead of targeted.
    un5 Search Engine Remarketing
  • Performing advertising campaigns, we make tweaks according to the data obtained. We are trying to reduce the cost of conversions and increase the number of useful actions from our ads.
    un6 Search Engine Remarketing
  • In addition to working with audiences, we made similar standard adjustments for search campaigns.
  • Work with keywords.
  • Adding minus words / expanding the current list of keywords.
  • A/B testing of advertisements.
  • Adjustment of rates in strategies and for all available segments.

Campaign outcomes:

Outcomes of the advertising campaign showed that 31% of users returned to the site due to our advertising.

un7 Search Engine Remarketing

According to the data from the ads, we got the following outcomes:

un8 Search Engine Remarketing

  • Transactions - 35
  • Conversions (excl. transactions) - 713
  • Average price per transaction - 4,05 UAH
  • Revenue according to e-commerce data - 227 895,05 UAH
  • Ads cost spent - 12 884,88 UAH
  • Gross profit - 22 789,50 UAH
  • ROAS - 17.6 UAH

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